Harry Lubin

Harry Lubin

Harry Lubin (5th March 1906 to 21st July 1977)


He began his career in 1925, at the age of 19, as piano accompanist for the renowned basso, Feodor Chaliapin, moving on to become the musical director of the Irving Palace Theatre in New York by the age of 20.

The following years saw him composing / arranging for numerous productions including ”The Eternal Mother” in 1928, Max Gordon’s “Making Mary” in 1932 and working with S.L. Rothafel (Roxy) at his theatre, and later NBC, until the showman’s death in 1936. He joined the Advertisers Broadcasters Company as musical director in 1938, working on up to 28 shows each week during his seven year tenure, returning to Broadway in 1942 to compose the music for Sidney Kingsley’s play “The Patriot”.

In January 1945 Lubin undertook the musical direction of the three times a week radio program “Glamour Manor” starring Kenny Baker, making his television debut as musical director for the first “Pinky Lee Show” which he stayed with until the program went off the air in 1953.

When Loretta Young made the major decision to take a recess from her motion picture career and star in her own television series, Harry was selected as musical director. In addition to composing and conducting, he also composed the theme music, “Letter to Loretta”.

During his long and colourful years in music, Harry worked with most of the top names in the field, including Jan Peerce, Robert Merrill, Robert Weade, Selma Kaye, Al Jolson, Eddie Cantor, Dinah Shore, Fran Warren, Connie Haines and countless others.

Harry Lubin’s Classic  Sci-Fi masterpieces  on CPM

Active for over four decades of music making Harry Lubin’s considerable talents as a composer and conductor have seen service in many Broadway productions and recordings, as well as on the concert stage, in radio, television and motion pictures.

The acquisition, by CPM, of Harry’s publishing company Harrose in 2005, has given us the opportunity to re-master and re-release a large part of his life’s work. This wonderful catalogue is now available as part of the CPM Archive Series.

He is perhaps best remembered for the spine-tingling masterpieces he created for the Sci-Fi classics One Step Beyond and The Outer Limits. It was his ground breaking combination of orchestra, theremin (Classic Science Fiction CAR 401) and female voice that has made these pieces as unique and special today as they were when they were created.

(Music from this series is available on CAR 401 Classic Science Fiction)