David Crandall

David Crandall

I've always been around music. My dad has been a traveling singer his whole life, my mom's family has been in the industry, music is in my blood. It has always been more than a hobby for me, but rather, a way to express something greater than entertainment itself to the listener. 

Music has a huge influence on us. Some songs make us laugh, some songs make us cry, while others make us think and others just make us feel good. Being around music from a baby to the 19, almost 20 year old that I am has really made music like a second language to me: composing words and sentences with chords and melodies.

As a musician now, my goal is not to become some famous guy that people go to for entertainment, or to make millions of dollars, or to be on MTV, or to impress anyone, but rather...to make people think, feel, love and question life with songs of meaning and encouragement.

Songs like "Freedom," "Need" and "Star" are all significantly similar songs in that they all represent two things: sorrow and love. I'm hoping my "Freedom - EP" is going to speak to those who are in need of something more than what the world has to offer, something greater than cash and gold. Each song speaks of that yearning and that hunger for something greater than we've all had, the deep depression that sinks so deep that something like a razor blade is a refuge from the pain.

"Freedom - EP" is dedicated to the suffering and the hurt, the hopeless and loveless, the motherless and fatherless. I hope that when these people hear the words of the songs, they will understand that it's true: "Love goes deeper than open wounds." It is the only cure for the disease of depression, the only tissue that covers the bleed of shame. Love and peace exists for every individual, and I hope everyone who hears this album will receive just that. 

-David Crandall