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West One Music presents OST

November 15, 2010

West One Music presents the Original Soundtrack Collection.

Fifteen indiviual albums, each containing musical genres to suit every scenario, hand-picked from the lovingly crafted and diverse West One Music catalogue.

West One Music understands producers and editors spend hours cutting and re-cutting pictures, trying to quickly find music to go with it! With that in mind, they developed an easy tailor-made way for content creators to access the tracks they need quickly and with ease. The new Original Soundtrack Collection (WOMG, previously OST) does just that by targeting key program genres, rather than musical genres to provide a different and fast route to the tracks.

The collection is split into five main program genres:

• Action
• Documentary
• Drama
• Movies
• Natural World

Each album is then divided into separate sections using program based themes and emotions to describe its content such as Crime & Intrique, Human Emotion, Planet Earth, Action, Adventure, Discovery and beyond...

The idea of having a set of albums grouped by usage type rather than purely genre and style helps refine and re-focused amazing West One Music tracks that may be otherwise hidden or disguised in albums with different titles.

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