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Indie Electro - WOM 158

Indie Electro is "music with tons of energy," a vibrant mix of "big punky guitars with dancey production and spiky riffs"

The album is made by Scott Doran and Caspar Kedros. The duo has a great pedigree, earned by writing and producing electro music for bands and DJs.

Doran and Kedros describe Indie Electro as "music with tons of energy." They wanted to see how ‘hard' they could go and still keep a strong catchy pop theme. It only takes a few moments to realise that they've pulled this feat off. "We also wanted to make sure these tracks could sit well in any DJ set made up of new wave music," says Doran. Yet again, they've scored a direct hit.

The duo recorded Indie Electro in their own studio just off Brick Lane in London, one of the city's most fashionable areas, and a centre for all sorts of creative activity. "It used to be quite an industrial area," says Doran, "and there are lots of interesting warehouses and spaces around here so we often take to the streets armed with our portable recorder and record ourselves hitting stuff in crazy spaces. On Powerplay and Waste of Space you can hear us hitting bits of metal in a huge parking garage."

Although Doran and Kedros used a computer to record Indie Electro, most of what we hear is real instruments - classic Gibsons and Fenders, stacked amps, live drums, vintage synthesizers, percussions and lots and lots of ‘real hand claps'! The sessions began with jamming on guitars and live drums to get ideas down in demo form. "Then we replaced each part, one at a time, onto Logic," notes Doran, "and then began the lengthy process of editing the tracks up to give it that modern dancey feel."

The album was mixed at West One Music's studios. The duo made use of a valve distortion unit called ‘The Culture Vulture' which gives a warm biting sound to drums and guitars. Mastering-wise they wanted the tracks to ‘jump out of the speakers and slap you in the face'. To achieve this, a combination of old-school valve equipment and state of the art mastering plug-ins from Pro Tools was used.

"We had a fantastic time working on this album with West One Music," notes Doran, "We knew they would support us and give us the freedom we needed, which you rarely get from a music company. The West One Music team are now like a family to us."

"Just listen to the track Spike Street," urges Doran. "It's a winner!"

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