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October 25, 2010

Fired Earth Music is a major new independent label making breathtaking music for the motion picture advertising industry. The label produces premium cues written by world-class composers experienced in all leading film genres. Fired Earth Music has already made stunning cues for leading Hollywood studios, and has just launched its first batch of albums.

WOM_FEM_0001 FEM 001 Vulcano (Troels Folmann): Dramatic and intense cues for action, adventure and soaring epic movies.
WOM_FEM_0002 FEM 002 Cyanite (Aleksandar V Dimitrijevic): Bone sawing and nerve shredding cues from the edge of psychosis.
WOM_FEM_0003 FEM 003 Fantazium (Toby Chu): Open the door to a magical, enchanted wonderland and discover a world of fantasy, heroic adventure, family fun, romance, humor and mischief.
1282616495_WOM_FEM_0004 FEM 004 Bellitas (Robert Bennett): An elegant collection of powerful, emotive and compelling cues. Perfect for drama, romance and art-house titles.

FEM is dedicated to supplying premium, progressive, theatrical music with impact and is now available for licensing through APM Music!

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