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More than ever... Alluring. Unrelenting. Powerful. Head the call of The Siren.

The best music paints a picture, sets a tone, and evokes an emotion. More than ever, Siren Cues captures the emotional power of big screen sound with the unrelenting allure and mystery of a silver screen temptress. Using the model of film and television advertising, Siren Cues created a music library to help editors and music supervisors achieve the intense emotional arch and strong finale inherent in successful entertainment productions.

In 2003 Siren Cues debuted with an impressive 10-disc collection of 110 songs geared for use in trailers and promos and has grown to an ever-expanding library of 30+ releases with hundreds of songs ideal for film trailers, advertising and more.

Siren Cues prides itself, not just on quality, but also on ease of use with albums that are classified by genre titles such as Action Adventure, Romantic Comedy, and Contemporary Drama to help you quickly and efficiently identify the perfect cue for your needs.

Siren composers write for major film and television productions and are supported by world-class engineer, Rob Beaton, of Meet Beaton Music.

High-profile placements include Pirates of the Caribbean, LOST, Sopranos, Rome and a host of video games, sporting events and consumer products worldwide.

Whether you are crafting the next blockbuster or an indie flick, Siren Cues delivers the scope of sound you need. Let Siren Cues entice you.

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