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APM and Lasar Release Quantum Tracks!


APM Music and Mars Lasar release a new music library and a revolutionary interactive music interface


APM Music has teamed up with Mars Lasar, the keyboardist on the platinum hit "Crazy" by Seal and former Hans Zimmer collaborator to launch Quantum Tracks, a new 38-CD, 380-track music library and Interactive Music Interface that lets editors drag and drop roughly 14,500 intros, loops and end segments by 12 different composers to create an infinite number of custom rock, hip-hop, electronica and orchestral cues on the fly.

APM Music, the largest provider of music for use in film, television and new media, and Mars Lasar, a recognized pioneer in the worlds of music and technology, advanced the IMI and music library to key clients earlier this year, many of who say it will change how they work music into their productions, particularly interstitial TV promos, video games and industrials.

"Quantum Tracks addresses the dynamic musical scoring needs of editors and game developers in today's accelerated post production schedules," said APM president Adam Taylor. "This Interactive Music Interface lets editors assemble their own musical compositions from a collection of musical segments that have been carefully crafted to work as sequenced compositions or stand alone tracks."

Quantum Tracks is a terrific innovation.
It is handy and the user interface is great.
—Christian Hanlon (Philo Television Music Production Supervisor)

The Interactive Music Interface makes it easy for editors to mix and match audio clips into the clip sequence window to create limitless versions of varying styles and intensities with the same composition. Both Mac and Microsoft Windows compatible, this new IMI software allows audio clips to be organized into any combination of sequences, producing musical arrangements of any length without sacrificing music quality. Live support is available for ProTools, FinalCut, Avid and other editing software.

"I had a great experience using the program and licensing the track. The editor I was assisting really liked that he didn't have to spend time looping sections of music. At times when the track had to be altered, it was really easy to go back and make changes--I could make them faster than the editor," said Teak Motion Visuals Assistant Editor Dan Figueroa."Quantum Tracks is a terrific innovation. It is handy and the user interface is great," said Philo Television Music Production Supervisor Christian Hanlon.

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