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Toyota 100 Cars for Good Features APM Music

June 6, 2011

Toyota wants to salute do-gooders by giving away 100 cars over 100 days to organizations that could really use a new set of wheels. Voters like you decide who gets a new ride every day by going online to the Toyota 100 Cars for Good Facebook page each day through August 16th to select the best profile of the day.

Each of the 500 nonprofit organizations selected as finalists have created their own online profile which may include a video showcasing how the organization plans to use a new Toyota vehicle to do good in their local community. APM Music has been featured in some of these amazing and inspiring entries including "Sweet Harmony" (KPM 732 #1), "She Should Know" (LOCD 28 #19), "In the Heart" (KOS 237 #24) and "Random Matter" (RNM 35 #4).


"100 Cars for Good - Wish Upon A Hero Foundation" featuring the song "Sweet Harmony" (KPM 732 #1)


This ad features the song "She Should Know" (LOCD 28 #19)

>Read more about this amazing campaign

>Visit the Toyota 100 Cars for Good Facebook page

>Listen to all the music featured in contest entries:
"Sweet Harmony" (KPM 732 #1)
"She Should Know" (LOCD 28 #19)
"In the Heart" (KOS 237 #24)
"Random Matter" (RNM 35 #4)
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