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Headhunters TV Hunts Down the Perfect APM Tracks

March 3, 2012

Congratulations to the Headhunters TV team for their Golden Moose Award for Best Bird Hunting Show!

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August 16, 2011

Ever wonder what goes into making an outdoor TV show? Headhunters,  a new series airing on the Outdoor Channel, captures the each suspensful moment with APM Music.

Description: Individually, they are pieces of a puzzle. Often times muddy and unshaven, necks red from the work they perform under a scorching sun, faces burnt from western winds, hands raw from piercing cold. They are as different as any four individuals you'll ever meet, with one very important exception...To tell the story, our story, they'll travel further, work longer, and sacrice more, all the while burning their memories to 1080i, high denition media. You will never look at outdoor television the same way again. Four individuals, driven by one show America exactly what goes into making outdoor television.'ll never look at outdoor television the same way again.

Time: Sundays at 4pm ET

Channel: Outdoor Channel

>Watch the Preview Trailer

>Watch the Episode 1 Teaser Trailer

>Listen to some of the music featured in episodes of Headhunters

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