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Controversial Groupon Super Bowl Ads Feature Tracks from APM Music

NOTE: February 11, 2011 -- The Groupon "Save the Money" ads seen during the Super Bowl have been pulled from the air by Groupon. In the company blog, CEO Andrew Mason wrote: "We will run something less polarizing instead."

>Learn more about Groupon's reasons for pulling the ads

>Read the Groupon blog posts

February 9, 2011

If you were watching Super Bowl XLV last Sunday, you likely caught the new controversial Groupon "Save the Money" commercials... Well, it turns out the "Save the Money" campaign actually DOES SAVE you money, but also incorporates a strategy to help GIVE TO CHARITIES also.


"You Can Help" ad starring Timothy Hutton features the track: SCD 817 #23 “Heartfelt and Poignant”


"A Fragile Balance" spot starring Cuba Gooding Jr. features the track: LQC 3 #6 “Release (No Percussion)”

LISTEN to these featured tracks in MyAPM:
> SCD 817 #23 “Heartfelt and Poignant”
> LQC 3 #6 “Release (No Percussion)”

LEARN MORE about the controversy:  
> Discover the strategy behind the commercials
> Curious what Greenpeace has to say about this?
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