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Elizabeth Taylor's Auction features APM Music

December 16, 2011

Earlier in the year, the renowned Christie's auction house announced a landmark series of events, exhibitions and auctions devoted to The Collection of Elizabeth Taylor, the celebrated film star, fashion icon and humanitarian.

In tribute to this amazing woman and her legions of fans worldwide, Christie's arranged  an international, three-month tour of highlights from her expansive collection that started in September 2011 and included stops in Moscow, London, Los Angeles, Dubai, Geneva, Paris, and Hong Kong.

The auctions, which took place throughout this week, have broken records for Christie's and APM Music is proud to have provided music for the Elizabeth Taylor collection exhibits during these exciting events.

>Read the press release for this event

>Listen to some of the APM Music tracks featured in this exhibit

>Check out the auction items...and their record-breaking sales!

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