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We dare you to find what you’ll need and you’ll win every time. Come try out APM Search or inquire about our rerecords.

With over 475,000 tracks and thousands of new music tracks produced and released nearly every month, we are always ahead of the curve, always offering our clients the latest in cutting-edge musical styles and always here to help you find what you need.

Our music and our staff are what set APM Music so far apart from the others. With hundreds of genres and the team to help you find what you need, APM Music has every type of music perfect for every type of media. Whether you’re searching for the greatest classical pieces from the London Symphony Orchestra or the latest trends in music like a cutting edge indie band, the quality and variety of APM's music is unsurpassed. From APM Search online to APM hard drives, you will find what you need.

Our award-winning composers are the top musicians in their field. They work tirelessly to ensure that we have music to support every scene, allowing us to have the breadth and depth of repertoire necessary to provide the best fit for every project. Each track is composed or selected specifically to enhance, support, and breathe life into your projects.

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Featured Composer

featured composer robertbruce
Robert Bruce
Robert Bruce is a composer/pianist with a diverse catalogue of music & recordings played extensively on radio in many countries. He often performs at Live Silent Film programs, integrated talk/live performances based on his writings, and with The Classical Nouveau Ensemble. Listen to his latest album “Silent Movie Piano”

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recent credits peanuts
Hear us in the Peanuts Movie!
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Hundreds of composers and producers from around the world contribute their talents to SONOTON with the most comprehensive and diverse musical and compositional styles imaginable.