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Epic Score Debuts 3 New CDs


Epic Score's ES011, ES012 and ES013 have just been released and feature Action & Adventure and Epic Drama tracks!

ES011 - Action & Adventure Vol. 4 and ES012 - Action & Adventure Vol. 5 continue the tradition of crazy, impactful and loud orchestral music. The percussion is huge, the choirs are screaming and there's plenty of insanity to go around. Plus, there's a couple new twists - a slow haunting female vocal track called "War Is Coming" and a rolling piano track that builds into a large orchestra. We hope you'll enjoy these.

ES013 - Epic Drama Vol. 1 is the first in a new series that will explore other sides of trailer music. This disc explores intros and underscores with lush, full arrangements and big mixes. The cues range from dreamy and swirling to driving and focused. They take their time to develop and have many sections with varying intensities.

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