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Capture the sounds of lazy days on the beach with Endgame's Retro Surf album!

Rod Abernethy and David Arkenstone have apparently spent more than a few days hanging out on the beach, if their latest album is any indication. They have written an album, tongues firmly in cheek, celebrating the surf glory days gone by. The result is so much fun, you'll want to use it to score your next beach barbeque.

Full of retro-sounding guitar riffs, pounding drums, and the occasional organ, Rod and David capture the essence of the beach culture, providing song that are perfect for showcasing hot rods, tasty waves, and bikini-clad babes.

While Rod and David have been friends for many years, this marks the first time their music has been presented together. Currently, Rod is working on two games -- Alpha Protocol for Sega and Obsidian Entertainment, and Eat Lead from Vicious Cycle and D3 Publisher. David has just released a new album called "Myths and Legends," available from Amazon and iTunes.

For more about Rod Abernethy, go to For more about David Arkenstone, visit

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