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Jenni French

Jenni French is an electronica & dance singer/songwriter collaborating with other artists from all over the globe as part of PANGAEA'S PEOPLE (Global Arts Network).

ReverbNation Reviews:

"slick sonic seduction.... "
Maxmus - Reverbnation

"Fantastic! 911 as smooth and endearing. soul be free gritty and sexual as any madonna... fantastic! on fire like the best goldfrapp.. this whole playlist creeps into your head, kicks back and has a drink with you.. "
Hynos Reveur - Reverbnation

"Ok, Jenni French Where did the "MONEY GO"? you should be making millions with your high quality of music and your style!
Carlos Mongrut - Reverbnation

"Love the seductive vocals in "Soul Be Free" - Jane "
JANE SILENCE - Reverbnation

"Cool groover... "
FRANKNOSE - Reverbnation

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